Two top Microsoft executives are reportedly leaving the company, Re/code reports. The company's first high level employees to leave following Satya Nadella's promotion include business development chief and former Skype CEO Tony Bates as well as marketing chief Tami Reller, according to inside sources.

Neither departure has been confirmed by Microsoft, and there's no word on where either exec will go next. Re/code notes that Nadella announced the news to his staff on Friday, and planned to make a public statement on Tuesday this week. The company's new CEO reportedly already has two other execs lined up to take on Bates and Reller's responsibilities.

Bates' decision to leave makes sense considering that he was reported to be a top candidate for the CEO position. After Nadella was tapped, he may choose to run for a similar position at a different firm. Meanwhile, Reller's decision follows clashes with advertising chief Mark Penn, the man behind Microsoft's questionable "Scroogled" campaign who is reportedly taking on more responsibilities under Nadella, Re/code said.

Microsoft has so far declined to comment on these rumors, though we expect the company to make an official announcement this week.

Update: CEO Satya Nadella confirmed the rumors on Monday afternoon, sharing his internal memo on Microsoft's public website. Eric Rudder will temporarily replace Tony Bates as interim leader for business development and evangelism, while Chris Capossela is set to take over Tami Reller's position as Chief Marketing Officer. Finally, Mark Penn has been promoted to the position of Chief Strategy Officer.