Pilotwings in Smash Bros.

Masahiro Sakurai, the creative mind behind Super Smash Bros., has been releasing screenshots of the new game on Nintendo’s Miiverse every day for the past month or so. Over that period, he’s slowly revealed the game’s new Pilotwings themed stage.

The first screenshot, which you can find at the head of this article, was posted last week by Sakurai. He included the line “Take off!!” with the shot for good measure.

This morning, Sakurai posted the picture you see below. This should give you a small sense of how the Pilotwings stage will play. Players will likely hop from aircraft to aircraft as they cruise around the series’ environments, both old and new.

Pilotwings in Super Smash Bros - 2

The line that accompanies the image? The rough translation reads “A miracle rendezvous with an old and new light plane.”

The new Super Smash Bros. is currently set to hit both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in 2014. We’ll have more news for the games as it comes. Until then, flip through the enormous screenshot gallery below.