Just a couple of days ago, the first alleged wallpaper for the HTC One M9 made its debut, allowing HTC fans around the world to install a piece of the experience that users will ultimately find on the One M9 at launch. Now, LlabtooFer, the developer responsible for providing the first wallpaper, is back with two more for you to install. Again, the resolution comes in at 2160 x 1920, which points to a 1080p display instead of a Quad HD resolution, but we’re OK with that, especially if HTC saves the Quad HD screen for the rumored One M9 Plus.

One of the new wallpapers shows a mountain range under the night sky with some light vignetting around the edges. It’s pretty nice looking, and is definitely our favorite of the bunch so far. The second new wallpaper shows rocks sitting in what appears to be a tropical ocean, again under the night sky where you’ll notice a couple of shooting stars. These are in addition to the wallpaper that spilled out on Monday, which showed a Vermont-esque landscape of rolling hills leading up to tree-filled mountains under a blue sky.

Anyone can install these wallpapers, and we’ve included links to the full-sized versions below.