The Lumines franchise is returning with two new entries coming to smartphones and tablets later this year. Publisher Mobcast has announced that the two games will differ greatly in their pricing plans.

The first is a full-fledged premium game tentatively titled Lumines 2016, and it will launch sometime this summer. As for the free-to-play second game, Lumines VS, it will be getting a release this winter.

Mobcast bought the rights to publish both Lumines and its sister series Meteos from Q Entertainment last year. Both games are being developed by Enhance Games, a California-based studio with the franchise's original creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi at the helm.

If you've never played Lumines, it's an addictive and simple puzzle premise made so much better thanks to incredible music, sound, and stylish graphics backing all of the blocks.

Enhance is also hammering out Rez Infinite for PlayStation VR, meaning Mizuguchi continues to work on the games that made him famous among gamers. Any chance of a new Space Channel 5?