Twitter launched a new feature on Thursday that takes advantage of the company's partnership with Foursquare's location data. It's now possible for users to discover tweets that were crafted and sent from a specific location.

According to TechCrunch, Twitter's Foursquare integration will let you narrow results down to something as small as a specific location, like a sports stadium. Maybe you want to read tweets sent from fans who are watching a football game at Met Life stadium, for example. With the new option, you could do that. Previously, users would have to rely on hashtags or manually search for users who they knew might be in a specific location and, even if they found it, they couldn't find more information from the same spot.

The feature is a little hidden, you'll first need to find a specific tagged place within a tweet. The tweet won't work if someone isn't using Foursquare to do so. But, if they do, and you tap the location, you'll see all Tweets from that spot. One can imagine how huge this might be for citizen live reporting. Twitter should expand beyond the current implementation, though. I imagine browsing a map to see where a lot of Twitter action is coming from during a disaster, for example.

TechCrunch said it's rolling out to iOS users beginning today. We assume it will hit Android and the web later, though there's no specific information on when.