Twitter rolled out an update for its iOS app today, making it easier than ever to upload photos straight from your iPhone's picture gallery. The news was announced on Twitter (of course), unveiling a tweaked UI that lets you attach a photo to your tweet with just a few quick taps.

If you're browsing through Twitter you won't notice any new changes to the iOS app, which recently received a dramatic redesign, but click the Compose button and you'll see the app's latest update. The first thing you'll notice is a grid of photos saved on your phone that can be quickly embedded. Don't want to tweet a photo? Just tap the compose window to bring up a keyboard instead.

Twitter has put a clear emphasis on photos recently, retooling its main feed to show pictures and Vine videos even before you expand a tweet and adding photo support for direct messages. With its latest update, the company is pushing its users to think of the site, in at least some way, as a photo-sharing service. Hopefully that will mean a more exciting Twitter feed for all of us, though we can't help but wonder how long it takes before someone accidentally tweets out a photo they never wanted to share.