Dozens of high profile Twitter accounts have been compromised over the past year or so. Jeep, the Associated Press and Burger King are just a few of them, and the consequences for both brands and the fans that follow them are far-reaching. In an effort to solve the problem Twitter is finally adding a two-factor authentication option for users.

Just like the two-factor verification that's already available for Google, you can opt to provide a phone number and a verified email address to Twitter. Then you'll be asked to enter in a six digit passcode that's texted to your phone each time you try to log in to Twitter. That means, should someone steal your password, they won't be able to simply log in. Instead, they'll need to have access to your phone and the six digit passcode, too. Twitter still advises using a strong password.

Twitter says it has plans to deliver additional security enhancements in the future. Let's just hope high-profile accounts actually take advantage of the new option.