Twitter CEO Dick Costolo admitted in the past that Twitter has a problem with trolls on the social network. Trolling is widespread on the Internet, and managing it can be rough for any company, but Twitter has specifically come under fire for failing to do enough to protect users from trolls who make threats.

Now the firm is tweaking its terms of service to help cut down on folks who are misusing the social network, particularly those who ruin the experience for others. According to Re/code, Twitter's terms of service used to say that moderators would take actions against accounts that made "direct, specific threats of violence against others." The new terms give leeway to moderators who believe an account is making "threats of violence against others or [promoting] violence against others," even if they aren't specific or direct.

If Twitter does find an account in violation of the new terms, it will freeze the user from posting new messages, Re/Code explained. The length of the freeze will extend and continue to mute a user who continues to violate those terms until he or she is ultimately removed, the news outlet suggested. However, Twitter also wants to prevent users from ever seeing threats in the first place, and is working on new features that will identify a threat and toss it to the vapor forever, preventing the intended recipient of said threat from ever seeing it.

Twitter is an invaluable place for breaking news, following folks of interest and more, and we applaud the social network for cleaning out some of the users that make it less enjoyable.