Twitter is currently testing a new night mode theme in an alpha build of its official Android app. The theme turns everything dark to make the app more comfortable to use in darker environments, and will work nicely with Night Mode inside Android N.

Lots of third-party Twitter apps, such as Tweetbot on iOS and Fenix on Android, already offer darker themes. Some are activated automatically based on ambient light, and they make late-night Twitter sessions in bed less painful on your eyes.

Now the official Twitter app has a night mode of its own. It turns the menu bar, timeline, and buttons different shades of blue, while text becomes white. However, the new theme can only be found in the current alpha version of Twitter's Android app.

That means the new night mode isn't guaranteed yet. Twitter might be testing it, but it doesn't confirm it will become a permanent fixture that rolls out to all users. The company will likely base its final decision on user reaction to the theme, and how well it works.

It certainly makes a lot of sense, though. Software and app creators have been taking steps to make our smart devices more comfortable to use at night — like Night Shift in iOS 9.3 and Night Mode in Android N — so it's no surprise to see companies like Twitter following suit.

Would you use a night mode in the official Twitter app?