It’s Earth Day, which means we’re supposed to take this time to consider how we treat this spinning orb we call home. And while some mark the occasion by doing exactly that, others just can’t help but throw down a little planetary supremacism.

Of course, if you take your Earth Day a little more seriously, there’s plenty of inspiring stories to explore. Some are here on the ground, like Seattle’s Bullitt Center, the world’s “greenest commercial office building,” and some are quite aways out there, such as NASA’s stunning Earth photos.

In case you’re forgetting exactly what it is we’re supposed to be stewarding, here’s a reminder: 



More amazing imagery from NASA, including its Earth Month video, can be found here, along with more terrestrial, everyday tech tips for going green. And if you’d like to support the cause, minus the obnoxious advocacy, there are ways to do that without annoying the heck out of your friends and neighbors. For more, hit up this must-read story.