It’s probably only a matter of time until Twitter spins off its own stand-alone messaging service. But maybe the company should just buy Direct Messenger, a beautiful new third-party app for sending messages over Twitter, instead.

You can download the iOS app for free (sorry Android fans, there’s no Google Play option yet) and link it to your Twitter account. Then you’re ready to start messaging your friends. You can also send photos, stickers, recorded voice messages, and even Periscope-style heart animations that float across the screen.

The design also looks pretty nice. It definitely takes some inspiration from Facebook’s Messenger app, though the company says it intentionally left out read-receipts. There’s also the option to share your location so friends know when you’re nearby.

There are a few drawbacks, mostly due to Twitter’s strict API. First, the app doesn’t support group messages. Also, those hearts won’t translate to the regular Twitter app, instead showing up as a boring static image.

Twitter could easily buy the app, fix those few issues and rollout an awesome stand-alone Direct Messages service without too much trouble. Then again, it’s likely the company is already hard at work on its own app for DMs.