Twitter is reportedly in discussions with at least two companies for a potential sale, according to CNBC. Among the companies are and, perhaps more intriguing, Google.

Google, as you may know, has failed to kickstart its own social networks including the now-defunct Google Wave and Google+, the latter of which isn't as popular as social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. News of the potential acquisition talks drove shares of Twitter skyrocketing this morning, but CNBC warns that discussions are still early and that there isn't yet an offer, though Twitter "may receive a formal bid shortly." and Google are reportedly interested in Twitter's "data," which makes sense especially given data is the entire foundation on which Google operates. Twitter would also give its acquirer a step into the world of media, a deeper understanding into what millions of people are talking about, access to streaming media such as NFL Thursday Night football rights and more.

It's unclear what sort of deal may appear; Twitter's current market cap is $15.6 billion.