Twitter for Mac screenshot

Twitter has reportedly decided to kill off its official application for Mac OS X. The free download has gone without any attention for well over a year now, and although there is an update ready to go, reports say that there’s a good chance the company won’t be releasing it.

Twitter’s latest API introduces some strict rules for third-party developers. So strict, in fact, that some have seen this as a sign that the social network is trying to kill off third-party clients. You’d think, then, that it would be focused on making its own clients the best they can be. But according to TechCrunch columnist MG Siegler, that’s not Twitter’s intention at all — at least not for its Mac app.

Siegler wrote on Twitter on Thursday:

Word is that Twitter made the call today: Twitter for Mac is done. They won’t kill it outright, but no further updates. Goodbye, old friend.

Those with a Retina MacBook Pro have been itching to get a Twitter update more than most. But it might be time they looked for an alternative, according to Siegler’s second tweet:

One more thing: had heard whispers of Retina (pretty easy to update) not sure if that made the cut before decision or not.

Twitter’s intentions here are a little unclear. Maybe the company feels that with Twitter integration in OS X Mountain Lion, users can tweet from their desktop and see their timeline through their web browser — and that they don’t need a full-scale client. Or maybe it wants users to use its other client.

The company also acquired TweetDeck, which is available for Mac and Windows, and it has been giving this a lot more attention. The last TweetDeck update, for example, was in early August.

Will you be disappointed to see Twitter go?

[Via: TechCrunch]