Twitter has announced today that it is finally releasing an official ReTweet button for sites to use.  After nearly two years of the infamous green button from TweetMeme (psst, look to the right for now, unless we change it soonish), Twitter itself has finally decided that perhaps having a button of its own was a good idea.

Love or hate Twitter, it has become a huge part of the Internet, but yet it never got around to releasing its own button to ease the sharing of information with your Twitter followers.  Thanks to its super simple API (Application Programming Interface), developers have built tools for the service far faster than they could do for themselves.  This has left the company playing catchup in many fields for some time now such as with official clients, advertising and now the buttons.

twitter birdThe king of the ReTweet buttons has been TweetMeme, and while it isn't totally clear from the company blog post how they are working with Twitter on this project, they are indeed involved with it.  The announcement blog post from Twitter itself says "We're pleased to be working closely with the good folks at TweetMeme and, from here on out, they will be pointing to the Twitter Tweet Button."  Does this mean the buttons we currently have will remain the same, somehow change or perhaps just get a cosmetic change, we have no clue at this juncture.

Twitter has warned developers to stop wasting time on "plugging holes in our service" for some time now, but at the speed with which this company is moving, it almost seems like they do need the developers to do just that.  The ReTweet buttons have been around for ages now, and you're just getting around to it?  Why not encourage people to plug those holes to help fill in some of your glacerial moves?

What say you?  Excited for an "official" Twitter button at long last?