Twitter Homepage New mobile

With Twitter's IPO rapidly approaching the company is doing everything it can to ensure success, right down the smallest details. With that in mind, the company updated its desktop browser welcome screen over the weekend, cleaning the page up a bit and putting the emphasis on mobile.

The update webpage does away with the old sunset, replacing the image with a simple blue background, and a few white boxes. On the right, users can sign in or sign up, and on the left Twitter offers a updated explanation of the service's purpose alongside images of the social network's iOS and Android apps, and a pair of links to download the free mobile applications.

Twitter boasts that its brand of social media is perfectly suited for the mobile web, where more and more users are spending their time every day, and the redesigned welcome page certainly plays up this strength. However, the company has struggled to monetize its mobile traffic, similar to Facebook, which only began to squeeze money out of its smartphone presence after it had already filed an IPO of its own.