Twitter is rolling out another new feature designed to offer a better experience for new users. The company’s mobile app is getting special pages, making it easier to learn more about a product or place, and maybe buy something too.

Each new page offers a mix of images, video and text. For example, a book could get its own page with a quick recap, images, some recent relevant tweets, and of course the option to “Buy on Twitter,” which is similar to the existing #AmazonCart feature. We assume a location focused page would offer a similar layout, though without the Buy button.

Twitter seems to be focusing on products for the most part though, at least for now. It’s tapped a handful of celebrities and brands to curate some of their top items on Twitter. For example, HBO has a collection of “fan favorite” Game of Thrones merchandise, while Target offers up a list of swimsuits and summer wear.

This is still just a test, but it seems like an easy way to win over new users. Even if you don’t really use Twitter, you could still check out a new book or browse through new clothing. The new pages should show up on Android, iOS and, but you’ll need to update your Twitter app first.