Last month Twitter started experimenting with a new polling feature. Now it’s getting an official launch on mobile and on desktop browsers.

Twitter polls are set to roll out over the next few days. Once the update hits you’ll see a new icon shaped like a pie chart when you start composing a tweet. Hit the button and you can create a poll based around anything you want.

The company notes that individual votes are all anonymous, though everyone will be able to see the results. Each poll will last for 24 hours, and you’ll still be able to see the results after voting closes.

Twitter notes that people have always found ways to conduct their own polls using hashtags, retweets, favorites and replies. This new update just makes it easier to create a poll without doing all that extra work. It could open the door to some pretty interesting data, or it may just lead to a just a bunch of dumb jokes.

The new feature should be available for everyone by the end of the week, though we’re already seeing lots of polls pop up in our timelines.