Twitter is already great for catching up on breaking news and live events, but you have to follow the right people first. Turns out the company has a plan to fix that with a new feature codenamed "Project Lightning." BuzzFeed reports that the news-focused service will roll out later this year for everyone from die-hard Twitter users to people who don't even have their own accounts.

Once it launches, you'll see a a new button pop up among the row of icons at the bottom of the Twitter's mobile app. Hitting it will pull up a list of live events and news that is trending on Twitter. Pick one of those, and you'll see a human curated feed full of photos and videos along with text. You'll even be able to grab an entire feed and embed it online or in another app.

The design could also be pretty different from Twitter's classic timeline. Each tweet, photo, video, Vine or Periscope will apparently fill up the entire screen. Instead of scrolling through an endless feed, you'll swipe from update to update.

If you're a regular Twitter user, you'll have the option to blend some of that curated content into your regular timeline. Everyone else will be able to visit Twitter's website to check out the latest from Lightning.

BuzzFeed notes that Twitter is still committed to the project despite the CEO's recent departure. It's possible things could change somewhat before Project Lightning actually launches later this year.