Twitter updated some of its security features recently and now allows users to reset passwords directly through a text message, which means you can be up and running on Twitter quicker than ever, should you forget your password or need to change it do to privacy concerns. Also, Twitter said it has bolstered its security in general.

Now, anytime you want to change your password you can choose to reset it by either having a link sent to an email address or directly to a phone number stored on your account. Twitter said it allows both options in case you registered with an email address you no longer have, or if you're traveling abroad and don't have your phone with you.

Additionally, the social network said it realizes that users tend to employ the same password across several sites, which is dangerous in case any one of those passwords is ever compromised.

"To protect your account in this scenario, we built a system that analyzes login attempts on your account – by looking at things like location, device being used and login history  – and identifies suspicious behavior." Twitter said that if it starts to see that, it will ask you something that only you will know, and will now send emails alerting you to the suspicious activity.

The new changes are welcome, and should allow most folks to change their passwords more frequently and easier, especially when a computer isn't always nearby.