Yesterday it seemed like everyone on the planet was complaining about flight problems on Twitter. I didn't want to unfollow some people, because they're still really good friends, so I just had to sit there and read through every grumble in my timeline. Soon, however, I might be able to just mute them temporarily from my mobile device. This feature is already available online for some accounts, and one user recently noticed it on mobile, too.

I updated my Twitter app on iOS and noticed that I still don't have the option to mute people, but as the screenshot shows it appears the feature is in testing. It will allow you to follow people you care about, while also giving some folks the cold shoulder now and then when they're tweeting about stuff you don't care about, like the latest Game of Thrones episode. Facebook already offers this option for everyone through its website: you can be friends with someone and still hide every one of their status updates in your timeline.

We don't yet know when this will roll out to everyone, if ever, but it's a useful feature that we think should be deployed.