In an attempt to parody the world of tacky infomercial videos, Twitter has taken it up a few hundred notches with an effort of its own, resulting in three minutes of hilarity. The video itself is so intentionally banal in nature – terrible visual effects, hokey acting, cheesy dialogue, DIY production quality, awful slogans and corny music – that it actually becomes pretty awesome. But that's the charm. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

"Man this is a sweet job. But working at Twitter isn't just a sweet job, it's a way of life… a way of life that's a sweet job," one of the actors says. "Boy, I wish I didn't already work here so I could apply for a job."

Amidst all the silliness, the video does a pretty fantastic job of revealing a pretty laid back office culture pervading the Twitter halls. Even the poker-faced Twitter CEO Dick Costolo (and his whiteboard doppelgänger) gets involved. If you've ever wanted to become an Hadoop Reliability Engineer, or perhaps a Unicorn Slayer, you too can @jointheflock today. In the world of Twitter, this is one video that'll surely trend well into 2012.

Remember: At Twitter, The Future is You!