twitter search bar

Twitter wants to show you what people are talking about in your area. Is that new restaurant down the road any good? Someone probably tweeted about it. How about that bar that just opened up? Yep, it's probably on Twitter. Or maybe there's a cool local event—baseball game, concert, fair, etc.—a business or newspaper or people in the community are talking about. By localizing tweets, you'll easily know what's happening around you.

According to AllThingsD, the social network is preparing to introduce a feature that highlights tweets from the surrounding area, even if you don't follow that particular user. Once the feature does roll out, it'll potentially slot right into your main timeline, allowing you to see what people are saying about the concert, or game or whatever event you're at in real-time. Instant feedback.

Over the years, Twitter has become a hive of discussion, a platform to see and read about what's happening around the world. With a more localized discovery feature, Twitter could add a completely new way for users to experience their community. For a platform that encourages thoughts to be jotted down onto the Internet, local discovery is a natural extension for people to say what's on their mind at any given moment.

Not only could localizing Twitter lead to discussions about events nearby—that'd be great for both locals and tourists—but be a more powerful way to spread news. Right now, Twitter is allegedly toying with either inserting local discovery right into a user's main timeline, or relegating it to the Discover tab.

For something as big as this, it would probably do Twitter well to keep local tweets separate from a user's carefully curated timeline. AllThingsD said the company is treading carefully with its decision; it's unclear when and if something like this will actually roll out. The potential is certainly there to add more value to the platform, we'll just have to see how it's executed.