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Twitter is reportedly preparing a massive update designed to "make the service more appealing to mainstream users." According to a report from AllThingsD, the social network will use the arrival of iOS 7 as a launching pad to show off a new and much improved mobile experience. Sources say the update will even introduce a new stream that's dedicated exclusively to TV-related Tweets and conversations. Recently, Twitter started experimenting with a trending TV show box in some user streams.

Even today, after nearly seven long years on the market, those unfamiliar with Twitter still might not know what hashtags and @replies are. Twitter's upcoming redesign aims to fix that. Rather than sticking with a four tab layout, the new app will apparently be replaced by the ability to easily swipe through content-focused streams. Users will still see streams in reverse-chronological order, but the new experience is expected to be much more fluid.

The main goal is to make Twitter on mobile more dynamic, and something even the most novice user can understand. The focus is allegedly on making Twitter more of a visual experience, sources say, which is why Twitter is toying with both TV and multimedia-dedicated streams. Rather than jumping into a Tweet just to see a photo or video, for example, the media will already be right there in your feed.

Twitter has infused its brand into mainstream media over the years, and the social network has not only become a go-to for TV conversations, but breaking news as well. Often, even in the tech industry, Twitter is used to push out leaks and reports; it's the easiest and most straightforward way to communicate content to readers.

Apple's iOS 7 is expected to roll out to consumers this Wednesday, Sept. 18, after which Twitter will release a small update, followed by a more significant one. If you're a heavy Twitter user, your mobile experience is reportedly about to change in a big way.