If you like Apps more than desserts, you're in luck – 46 new apps have been announced for Xbox One.

Twitter and HBO Go headline the announcement from Microsoft, alongside apps from Comedy Central, Major League Gaming, Crunchyroll and others.

The Twitter app in particular is interesting as the Xbox One's snapping and TV functions allow for a more seamless integration that highlight its features. Snapping a twitter feed while I play a game is something I might actually do. I check Twitter constantly to keep the world from ending, and snapping would make that a bit simpler.

If you're into the trending part of Twitter, you can also bring up the app as part of Xbox One's TV functionality.

Microsoft says that the "Twitter experience on Xbox One will be integrated into the TV listings section of OneGuide where you will be able to see the shows that people are tweeting about in real-time. These shows will also be highlighted in a new 'trending' section within OneGuide so you know what's popular right then and there."

Now we can freak out about which 14 main characters died on Game of Thrones this week in real time without looking away from the TV. This is the future, you guys.

Check out the link below for a full list of apps and regional availability. Sadly, Spotify is not in that list.