Pretty soon you’ll be able to tweet through Google Glass; the evidence is already mounting, making it pretty difficult to refute its existence. At this point it’s unclear how the application would work in conjunction with Glass, but presumably a user would simply instruct the wearable technology to tweet a picture or phrase, and that’s it.

The evidence actually stems from a developer who created an unofficial Twitter app, GlassTweet, for Google’s face computer. That same developer was spotted tweeting a picture using the hashtag #throughglass, and an application source of Twitter for Glass. The tweet has since been deleted, which in itself seems fishy. What is there to hide if Twitter for Glass doesn’t actually exist.


Twitter, too, refused to comment on the rumor. But it’s hard to deny what looks like an app designed for Glass. However, when it’ll be released remains to be seen. Apps from big name companies will likely begin turning up over the next several months as developers figure out how to best integrate with Glass. If Twitter has something in the pipeline, you can bet Facebook will have something, too.