Finally. The native Twitter experience on any Android tablet right now is pretty atrocious, but it looks like that’s about to change in the near future. Android Next was checking the show floor during the IFA 2013 trade show in Berlin last week and stumbled across a full version of Twitter running on a Galaxy Note 10.1. And it wasn’t just the Twitter app that we have on smartphones, it was adesigned specifically for Android tablets, complete with real landscape support, columns and more.

Android Next took a few screen shots, which it published on its site, and they show the news feed on the left with additional information on each Tweet populating on the right-hand side. We assume there will be support for columns of lists, too, similar to what Tweetdeck provides on some platforms.

We still don’t know when Twitter for Android tablets will land, though we know Google at least is putting a renewed focus on fresh apps and app discovery for tablets. We wouldn’t be surprised to see the launch in the coming weeks, if not the coming days.