Twitter for Android and iPhone

Twitter on Thursday announced that it has updated its iOS and Android applications with a number of improvements. Among the enhancements are better search capabilities, improved notifications and improvements to the discovery tab for easily viewing replies, direct messages and favorited tweets from your stream. Here are just a few notes on the update:

  • "Now you can tap any story once to see Tweets about a particular trend or news article. You can then read the entire story or join the conversation by replying, retweeting or favoriting related Tweets."
  • "Search is now simpler in both mobile apps. You can see suggestions for different spellings and related terms for your queries. Finding the people you're looking for is faster, too. In the Connect tab, you can start typing the first or last name or username of the person you're looking for and the name will autocomplete for people that you follow."
  • Lastly, we've added push notifications for Interactions, so you can know immediately when your Tweets have been retweeted or favorited, or when somebody new follows your account. You can manage your push notifications settings to stay as connected as you'd like."

The update is free and is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play (Android Market) now.

[via Twitter]