twitter-photo-filtersInstagram no longer plays nice with Twitter, but that doesn't even matter anymore. As the rumors predicted, the social networking site, which is primarily designed to share thoughts and network with friends, is jumping right into photo filters. It's a step out of the company's comfort zone, and a clear attempt to try and mitigate the loss of Instagram's presence.

There are currently eight filters, ranging from warm to very warm, basically offering the bare minimum — expected features you'd find from any number of filtering software. Users can easily preview filters and edit (crop, zooming, and auto-enhancement) from the new feature's main hub.

When you post a new Tweet, pressing on the photo button will bring up your device's camera. Take a photo, hit save, and the preview window will show your photo with no filter by default. You can then either swipe through to see what it'll look like slathered up with a little software trickery, or do a little editing. It's nothing fancy, and Twitter hasn't made any attempts to introduce anything new, but it's there for anyone who doesn't use Instagram, or is dismayed by the two companies' crumbling relationship.

The update is available for Android, with one coming soon to iOS.