medium evan williams

Twitter co-creator Evan Williams got his start with Blogger—one of the first blogging platforms created—and even helped coin to the term blog, before teaming up with Jack Dorsey and Noah Glass to create the massively popular social network. Now, Williams has returned to blogging with Medium, a sleek new website which opened to the masses today after existing as an invite-only platform since its launch in Aug. 2012.

Williams created Medium as a way to encourage Twitter users to write longer, more thoughtful posts. To get started you'll need a Twitter handle, as well as an email address to verify your account. The platform doesn't support Internet Explorer, so you'll need to use Chrome, Safari or Firefox as your browser.

The site itself offers a simple space for bloggers to do their thing, along with a number of tools inspired or taken from Twitter as well as competing user-powered websites. Each new post can be shared and recommended similar to Twitter's RT function. You can also upvote posts to make them more visible, similar to Reddit, and tag posts based on their content, like with Tumblr.

Medium has earned positive reviews for the most part, both for its design and the content found on the site. At the same time, a handful of questionable posts have drawn negative attention to the site, while others question the purpose of Williams' newest project. With sign-ups open to the public the platform has a chance to blow-up, but in the world of Twitter and Facebook its unclear if people still want to blog.