Every single one of your tweets — the one about your date with Sarah or the first time you tasted a Tacos Locos — can be downloaded in one beautiful package before the year is up. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said as much back in July, and reiterated his comments once again during a recent talk at the University of Michigan.

By default, users can only see their last 3,200 tweets, but anything beyond that won't be displayed. That's a whole heck of a lot, but there are plenty of Twitter users out there spewing 140 quips that number well beyond that figure. And they want to keep them for their own records, I guess.

Costolo did admit that his public promise of allowing users to download tweets is making Twitter's engineers pretty upset. If the feature isn't rolled out before the year is up, the backlash will certainly be aimed at those working to implement the function.

In any case, if you feel like reading through thousands and thousands of your own tweets, you'll (hopefully) be able to do so in December. Or not – Twitter engineers "don't necessarily agree that they'll be done by the end of the year," Costolo said.

[via Gizmodo]