Twitter's new CEO Jack Dorsey, also the company's co-founder, offered a kind gesture during his first weeks of tenure. The CEO recently decided to give a third of his shares of the company back to the employees.

"I'd rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small," Dorsey said. "I'm confident we can make Twitter big." Dorsey's returned shares is about 1 percent of Twitter's total worth and delivers about $200 million into the equity pool that will be split among employees, Bloomberg explained.

That doesn't mean everyone is happy, but it might start to cheer up staff who will remain with the company as Twitter begins to cut as much as 8 percent of its workforce. According to Bloomberg, this isn't the only nice gesture Dorsey has done recently. He's also planning to give more than 24 percent of his Square shares to a smaller organization he started.