Social media tracking company Trendrr announced on Thursday that it has been acquired by Twitter. Trendrr provides two products, Trendrr.TV and Curatorr, both of which provide valuable tools for brands and marketing departments that try to use the social network for analytics and engagement.

Trendrr.TV is particularly noteworthy because we already know Twitter has an interest in TV viewing habits. The company is rumored to be working on TV-focused trending cards, which could pop up on the social network and inform users about what people are talking about in regards to TV content. During the VMAs, for example, Twitter users might have seen the cards reflecting the world's awe at Miley Cyrus. It seems that Trendrr could be the perfect company to help initiate and even expand on that idea. In other words, these "cards" don't need to be limited to TV at all.

Trendrr said that it will continue to work with its existing partners but will no longer reach out for new business. Deals of the acquisition were not disclosed.