I much prefer Twitter to Facebook when I want to get all social, but there’s one advantage to using Zuckerberg’s service, and that’s having all your photos in one place. When you upload a photo to Twitter, it easily gets lost and becomes hard to find after a while. But not anymore!

Twitter has unveiled an awesome new ‘User Galleries’ feature today that brings all your photos — uploaded after January 1st, 2010 — together into one place. And not only does it support images uploaded to Twitter’s own image service, but it also supports images uploaded via TwitPic, Instagram, yFrog, and other third-party imaging services.

Your gallery will be located on your Profile page, and will display up to 100 of your most recent images in chronological order. You can find your gallery on the left-hand side of your Profile, where you simply click the ‘View All’ link to display all the photos you’ve uploaded.

You have the option to view your photos in grid view, which will simply show all their thumbnails; or you can use the detailed view to see each photo one by one with the text that accompanied them in your tweet.

If you want to delete an image, you’ll have to find the tweet in which it was posted and delete it from there. If you retweet someone else’s image using the old-fashioned method of retweeting — that uses the ‘RT’ tag — then that image will also be added to your own gallery. Use the new method of retweeting, however, and it won’t.

I’m a big fan of the new User Galleries feature, and I think it’s been a long time coming. What do you think of it?

[via The Next Web]