Apple TV 4 2015-9

Twitter shocked the world when it won the rights to stream Thursday night NFL games. Since then, the company has been racking up similar deals, and a new report claims the social network could be eyeing Apple TV as a major platform for all that new content.

The New York Times said recently that Twitter is in talks with Apple to develop a new app for the set top box, citing two sources with inside information. The report doesn't reveal much else about the deal, but mentions that it could allow millions of people to stream NFL games. The first Thursday night game is set for September 15, so we could see the new Apple TV app launch pretty soon.

It's unclear if Twitter's Apple TV app would also stream other content, but that seems like an obvious progression. The social network has quickly signed similar deals to show content from the NBA, MLB, the NHL and more. It's also reportedly in talks with MLS.

Twitter has put a huge emphasis on live streaming — and sports in particular — as the company struggles to compete with rivals like Facebook and Snapchat, so an app of this kind certainly makes sense.