Want to test new features that may make their way into the final version of Twitter for Android? Sign up for the Beta testers program. Want to try an even more experimental version of the social network? Now you can join the Twitter Alpha program for Android. The Google Group appears to only be open to people who have already participated in the beta program, though it should offer a much more hands-on approach for those interested.

According to a screen shot provided by Tech Crunch, for example, Twitter will give you the "opportunity to provide direct feedback and collaborate with [Twitter] via a forum, so you can take a more active role in testing bugs." The program is open on a first-come first-serve basis, Twitter said, so beta users should sign up quickly.

We're going to stay safe and play with the final versions of Twitter instead. These days, the social network is such a valuable tool for news information that we don't want to risk being hobbled down by bugs and a client that might crash more than a stable version. If you're more adventurous than us, give it a whirl.