twitter-logoTwitter is reportedly lining up a new photo filterting feature aimed at taking Instagram head-on. According to The New York Times, the San Francisco-based social media company, which processes just under a billion Tweets every 48 hours, is hoping avid Tweeters will bypass the use of Instagram altogether and instead use Twitter's new filters when sharing photos. Twittergram?

The update is allegedly landing in the coming months, though people with knowledge of Twitter's plans didn't share precisely when. The social network's scheme was put into high gear following Facebook's acquisition of Instagram earlier this year, NYT said.

It was said Twitter had planned to purchase a company like Camera+, but those plans seem to have been scrapped in favor of creating its own system — much like the one Facebook launched with its own camera app.

"After meeting with an appraising some companies, Twitter's executives decided the price tags were not worth the goods, and decided the company could build its own filters instead," NYT wrote.

Instagram is a pretty formidable social media service in its own right, with monthly traffic supposedly surpassing Twitter. Twitter's plans aren't all that surprising; what is puzzling is the fact that it's taken the company so long to come up with an answer to Facebook's Instagram purchase. But it sounds like we'll see something of interest sometime early next year.

[via TheNewYorkTimes]