Twitter phototagging

Twitter is great for communication. You can message people, share your thoughts and connect with like-minded individuals. Up until now, however, the service has been driven by short messages of text. Yes, you could share images before, but a new mobile update is putting much more emphasis on sharing images. Out with the bad, in with the good. This won't take down Instagram, but it will sure encourage people to be even more social.

There are two big mobile features Twitter is rolling out. First, the social network will allow mobile users to tag up to ten people in a photo. Tagging will work like any other service you're familiar with, and adding friends won't count against your 140 characters limit. No doubt this is in response to the selfie epidemic that was at its pinnacle following Ellen's record-breaking photo at the Oscars. Tag your celebrity friends! Or just your regular friends after a day at the beach. When tagged in a photo, a notification will be sent to you; you'll also have the ability to set who can tag you in settings.

The other feature being added in mobile is the ability to share up to four photos in a single Tweet, allowing users to setup tiny little collages. I can see this being immediately beneficial for publications (like us!), because we'll be able to share more photos of a particular device in a single Tweet. Sharing up to four photos is rolling out to iOS today, with Android is expected to receive the feature soon. Twitter published a few photos of how to share multiple photos in a single Tweet, and it definitely looks like a cinch.

These features are important for a few reasons. One: sharing! Twitter wants us to share more, and by allowing users to tag others, it makes Twitter a more personal and lively community. Look at @jon4lakers @realroychoi hanging out in the office. They'll get notified, comment on the picture, and Retweet. It also makes Twitter a more image-driven site. If it can't have Instagram, which now has over 200 million users per month, it's going to be more like the photo-sharing service. That's not a bad thing, either, by the way. It just means mobile Twitter users have even more fun features to use.

The updates are rolling out for iOS and Android now, so start tagging away.