twitter-logo announced on Monday that it has been acquired by Twitter. The company is best known for its Clutch Framework and Clutch A/B Testing iOS tools, which allow developers to test new mobile applications. "Our mission over the last few months has been to help mobile developers iterate fast and grow their user base," the company said on its blog. "Now, as part of Twitter's growth & international team, we're excited for the opportunity to focus our efforts on Twitter's product at a large scale." Twitter's iOS and Android applications are largely viewed as inferior to other third-party applications, so we're hoping this deal yields a more stable and useful native app.

Clutch isn't shutting down its services completely just yet, however. It's going to provide developers with the tools to run the software on their own servers. Its hosted services will also still be available until November 1st and said that end-users shouldn't notice any changes.

Neither Twitter nor discussed the intimate details of the deal, but the company said today is its first day working with Twitter and that the social network acquired all of its intellectual property.