Games release with bugs in them. It's been a fact of life since the beginning of game development. The advent of the Internet gave developers the ability to continue to support games, however, by releasing patches to fix bugs. When you change a piece of software, documenting it is part of the process. In something like business software, you might get patch notes like "fixed error when user uses non-standard character set."

Video game patch notes get weird fast when their context is gone.

Twitter account @TheStrangeLog highlights some of the changes games have seen that might make sense when taken in the context of the game, but when removed from that context become something else entirely. Some become riddles, others a Zen koan. You might learn something about yourself, or about the future.

Here are some highlights:

Now we know why the economy is so messed up:

Rocks have no mouth, but they must scream:

The end is nigh:

Studies correlate the findings:

Right now, TheStrangeLog has 884 different notes from various games, and they're all incredible.