Twitch is striving to get into original content. One of their endeavors? Interactive, audience-based, choose your own adventure television. We're picturing TV drama as voted on by the channel chatroom.

Recode caught up with Twitch COO Kevin Lin about this idea. He said that they'll do it if they get the right partner, and then he talked about how it might work.

"It's live, but it's interactive…

…Which you're not going to get from premium television. You're not going to get an actor from a show to respond to you in chat or change the show based on what you're saying. That's sort of the general expectation on Twitch, I would say."

Will we see this anytime soon? Maybe

While I don't think we'll be seeing this sort of interactive original shows directly from Twitch in the next few months, it does sound like they'll be attempted before too long.

Lin explained that if we haven't seen any by around two years, they've likely decided the idea was no good. I hope they at least try these things over at Twitch. They could be hilarious. Or terrible. Or hilariously terrible.