Kathy Astromoff has officially started her new job with Twitch. She is now the Vice President of Game Developer Success, and the job title that had me scratching my head a bit as the news went by on a few feeds this morning.

Astromoff was recruited specifically to serve as a liaison between Twitch and the development community.

Gamasutra, a site that covers more of the business side of making games, grabbed Astromoff for an email interview. Their opening quote from her does a wonderful job explaining exactly what she'll do as the Vice President of Game Developer Success.

"My mandate is to help game developers succeed, using all the strengths that Twitch brings to the table. It's intentionally broad, because we've only just begun identifying ways we can help game developers achieve what they want with their games…Leadership have long recognized the critical role game developers have in the ecosystem. It'd be accurate to interpret my hire as walking that talk."

Astromoff will explore using the Twitch API more with developers. Recently, and this is my own example, Crystal Dynamics built an interesting viewer interaction mechanic into Rise of the Tomb Raider. With it, stream viewers can vote on gameplay changing cards that immediately affect the player.

Astromoff expanded on this a bit.

"It's pretty easy to imagine what game developers could achieve with a highly engaged gamer community… At its most basic, earning recurring revenue involves getting gamers to find your game, buy it, and purchasing items in and around it. We've already seen examples of developers using Twitch for all three, and we're only just beginning to experiment…"

Twitch boasts a massive viewership number. It also happens to have a community that's engaged and active. If Astromoff can help support developers within that ecosystem, her job could be huge for game makers, players and viewers.