Twitch - Social Eating

"Social Eating." That's a thing that exists on Twitch right now. It's a category for streamers to broadcasts themselves absolutely chowing down on grub.

No, really.

Before you dive off your nearest cliff as this whole streaming thing gets weird, it's worth noting that Twitch isn't the first to allow folks to stream their eating extravaganzas. This actually has roots in South Korea. Muk-bang, or "eating broadcast," is a livestream where the host eats a big batch of food while folks watch. It's totally a thing, and the worst Twitch can be accused of is simply bringing it west.

Who knows? Maybe the western world will go nuts for muk-bang, too. I'm not sure this thing's up my alley, but whatever you folks are into is fine with me. So long as no one's hurt, at least.

The good news? You'll never have to eat lunch alone again. There, there, pal.