Twitch E3 2014 Records

A few months back, made waves in the gaming world by announcing that it would be the exclusive video streaming partner for E3. All pressers running during the week would be hosted on Twitch, and a bunch of events and special coverage during the in-between and post.

Turns out that exclusivity paid dividends in traffic for Twitch. The company posted an infographic recap of its week hosting the show, which you can see in full below. That infographic contained two key points.

First, 5.9 million unique people tuned in on Monday, breaking their single day record. Second, more than 12 million unique visitors hit Twitch over the four days of the event.

The streaming service is becoming a pillar in the gaming community, and they cite year-on-year growth as evidence of that fact.

Did you watch a Twitch stream during the show last week? If you caught any of the pressers here on TechnoBuffalo, odds are you used Twitch to watch them.