What a fantastic idea by the folks at Twitch and Amazon. The companies have announced Twitch Prime, "a premium experience on Twitch, included with Amazon Prime." The video above does a great job highlighting the features.

Essentially, you get ad-free viewing of Twitch, exclusive access to special chat emoji, the ability to subscribe to one channel every month, and free in-game goods with specific games.

That last one is interesting, and here's what Twitch has announced so far.

There will be new loot available every month, so you have surprises in store all year. At launch the following are available:

The post on Twitch that contained the news asserts that Twitch Turbo will not go away. However, Twitch Prime and Twitch Turbo are exactly the same. Turbo users can keep on subscribing and keep their badge, but even Twitch suggests they should reconsider.

If you already subscribe to both Turbo and Amazon Prime, you may want to consider canceling Turbo. All the benefits of Turbo are included in Twitch Prime, except that the Turbo chat badge will be replaced with the Twitch Prime badge. You can cancel your Turbo subscription here, and you can go to twitchprime.com to connect your Amazon and Twitch accounts and get started with Twitch Prime.

I don't watch Twitch much these days, thanks largely to the commercials. This has changed that, and I've already linked my pre-existing Amazon Prime account. You can do that here.