Twitch Plays Pokémon has become so large that it has crashed Twitch's chat functions. Viewers peaked at 100,000 unique addresses out of the millions who have watched, and unfortunately Twitch has acknowledged it was having trouble keeping up.

The unique nature and huge chat participation in the TwitchPlaysPokemon experiment has put enormous (and unforeseen) stress on our chat system. We're always working on improving the QoS of our chat system, and this has been a wonderful learning experience for us.

Twitch has moved the chat function from the general server onto a unique dedicated server to compensate.

Recent huge achievements include somehow managing the dreaded rock tunnel in the dark! This is a feat hard enough for any single person to accomplish, but with the insanity we've seen, it's nothing shy of a thousand miracles over and over that the hive was able to pull out that one. Red is now battling ghosts in Lavender Town's Ghost Tower, but is having issues finding special attacks to conquer the ghosts.

The hive also saw fit to let Charizard go, and Red finds himself without his starting Pokémon.

In celebration, fans around the Internet have made their own highlight reels and fanart in honor of the vastly popular phenomenon. I had mentioned before that the "anarchists," as they are now called, held the advantage since progress couldn't be made in the long haul, but I have been proven wrong.

Can the hive possibly take it all the way to the Elite Four and then some? Let's hope Twitch gets its chat issues under total control so we can keep following.