Twitch is finally rolling out support for 1080p video at 60 frames-per-second. The game streaming platform has dropped its previous 3.5 megabits bitrate limit and now recommends 3-6 megabits "for most streams," providing a smoother experience for "faster, more demanding games."

Game streaming has become incredibly popular in recent years, and players are now earning more cash using platforms like Twitch — thanks to ads, tips, and subscriptions — as opposed to uploading recorded clips to YouTube. As a result, Twitch has been rolling out big improvements to make its platform an even greater place to stream.

Its latest is support for 1080p video at 60 fps. Some streamers were already able to stream in 1080p while it was in testing, but now the option is rolling out to everyone. Viewers will also see more choices for video quality, and won't have to worry about streams dropping to 480p, Twitch says.

"Just because you can stream at 1080p and higher bitrates doesn't necessarily mean you should," the company adds. "It's better to have a stable stream at a lower resolution or bitrate than a higher quality stream that makes you drop frames." Twitch points to its streaming guide to help players decide which quality is best for them.

For more information about 1080p streaming and the improvements Twitch has made, check out its blog post by following the source link below.