Twitch has just rolled out a new feature aimed at generating revenue for the company and streamers alike. It's called Cheers, and it's basically a way to tip broadcasters with an emote.

Why would you Cheer? Here's how Twitch tries to sell it:

If you've ever watched Twitch and wanted to show support, but you couldn't do it the way you wanted, now you can Cheer. You can Cheer if you're a channel subscriber or if you aren't. You can Cheer using any number of Bits you like, whenever you want. You can start Cheering right when things get interesting, or you can Cheer when a moment is dying down to keep the train going. Plus, you earn Cheer Chat Badges as you Cheer.

In order to cheer, you'll need to buy bits. You'll find the menu to buy them built directly into the chat box, right next to the mote button. The pricing is wide. 100 Bits goes for $1.40, while 25,000 bits sells for $308.

You spend them by writing "cheer" followed by the value you'd like to drop. "cheer100" would spend 100 Bits, effectively handing Twitch and the streamer some split of $1.40. Twitch did not identify how the revenue is divided in tipping, though I imagine they take a percentage off of either the initial transaction or the tip itself.

Cheers is currently in beta, and it's only working on select partner channels right now. For that full list, hit the source link below.

Cheering in Twitch

The value of your Cheer results in a larger animation, signifying a bigger moment.

What do you think? Are Cheers a good addition? Or, does this feel like a simple poke for more money?