Say Anything

Twitch recently rolled out a copyright scanning program that mutes archived broadcasts that make use of licensed music. Not just sweet tunes playing behind your endless rounds of LoL and Hearthstone, but the in-game licensed music that makes up the soundtracks for games like Grand Theft Auto and Sleeping Dogs.

You thought I was going to mention the other Dogs game, didn't you? Well, ha HA!

Twitch CEO Emmett Shear hopped on Reddit to run an AMA (ask me anything). With this new music trolling software in action, it's obvious that Redditors in the thread were extremely concerned about its use and its lack of announcement.

Oh, right, here's the thing: Twitch shut down and rolled out this music scanning and muting service without telling its community beforehand. Here's Shear on that bit.

Simply put: we screwed up and should have announced it ahead of time. Sorry.

As it stands right now, the music scanning and muting stuff is only happening for archived broadcasts, that means Twitch streams that have already ended and are waiting in watch-it-later form. If licensed music is detected, the broadcast is muted for a 30 minute chunk. Sweet, right?

Yeah, no.

Shear did clear up concerns regarding the future potential of muting live streams.

Live streaming on Twitch: We have no intention whatsoever of bringing audio-recognition to live streams on Twitch. This is a VOD-only change for Twitch.

Good stuff on that.

It's pretty obvious that the entire Twitch community is upset about this change. Yeah, the lack of announcement and roll-out was absolutely a big screw up on the company's part, but the whole decision to mute videos using licensed music is off.

The community doesn't like it, and that's pretty apparent when you check the aforementioned Reddit thread and see how many downvotes Mr. Shear is getting when he talks about the copyright protection stuff.

I was yelling about this on Twitter (like an old man) earlier, but I'll reiterate it here. I don't tune into Grand Theft Auto V livestreams in order to listen to the music. Why should that be muted?