Twitch is already at the forefront of broadcasting PC and console game footage onto the Internet, so it's only a matter of time before it makes a move to dominate the mobile market too, right? Well, it's not going to be too much longer, because it's already in the works.

Today, Twitch unveiled it plans for Twitch Mobile Software Development Kit which will allow mobile developers to add support for livestreams, archives, and screen captures for their games. Aside from capturing game footage, the Twitch Mobile SDK will also allow for the front camera to capture video and audio of you playing your game, so viewers can get your live reactions while failing.

That can't possibly go wrong, can it?

"Our vision is to provide the Twitch community with the ability not only to view, but to broadcast live video game content wherever they are, whether they're on the go or in the living room," says Vice President of Marketing Matthew DiPietro. "We've achieved that with our PC and console integrations, so the trifecta will soon be complete with our deep and concerted foray into mobile broadcasting."

Twitch also provided an update on its mobile app which has been downloaded 10 million times since release, and it has been an "even split" right down the middle between iOS and Android.

More announcements on the SDK will be made at a later date, but until then you can check out updates and what is already available on the development blog. Do you have any mobile games you plan on airing any time soon?