In the face of the Xbox One launch, one exclusive still has me more excited that 98 percent of the other polygon pushing next-gen releases on its way: TwistedPixel's LocoCycle. Those anxious about missing out on it, thanks to a lack of a Microsoft console, now have a little more hope to cling to, at least in Germany anyway.

TwistedPixel could be bringing its next game to the PC after classification for it turned up on the German USK rating scale. This would be the first time it did not bring a game exclusively to Microsoft at launch, and only the second time a game appeared on another platform. Its popular platformer, Ms. 'Splosion Man, found its way onto Steam earlier this year.

The 'Splosion Man creator has been a big hit with Microsoft fans with its popular platforming series, as well as The Gunslinger, Comic Jumper, and The Maw. Those who have been on the outside looking in can finally see the humor that these guys are known for.

LocoCycle puts players in control of a futuristic autonomous motorcycle armed to the teeth with rockets and machine guns. She is voice operated and can be turned off by vocal commands, but the poor janitor caught in her spokes only speaks Spanish, which she has not been programed with and thus brings the poor soul along for the ride.

The game will be coming out for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but nothing has been officially confirmed on the PC front. Any interest in LocoCycle from those who were not already planning to pick it up on Xbox Live?